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The Year You Stopped Saying 'Everything Is Fine': 2021


Change your Boundaries, change your life

I'm overwhelmed

I'm tired

I'm uninspired

I never have time for myself

I feel you. When Facebook kindly reminds me of the life I used to live, I laugh.

(I used to cringe).

I gave myself away to anyone who would have me. Not in an overt way, but a subtle way, where I said, "YES," and "HOW CAN I HELP?" and, "WHO ELSE WILL DO THIS IF NOT ME?"

I wanted to write, to travel, to eat blackberries, and I always had an excuse as to why I couldn't.

My husband might need me.

My business might need me.

Obama might need me!

It's ridiculous. Maybe even cringe-worthy. But true. I wanted people to know that I was dependable. I didn't want any of the balls to drop, even if they weren't my responsibility. In my own mind, I was some sort of independent business owner/domestic goddess with the mindset of a Marine.

And it was killing me.

Thwarting drama made me feel like a superhero. Knowing everything about everything made me a worthy friend. Saying yes when it was logistically feasible mad me tired.



Wooden Bedroom
I was so tired from being busy and juggling balls for everyone else, that I legitimately did not know what I wanted.
Except a nap.            

Build a complete toolbox

(& then share it)

master course.png

By the conclusion of this six month master course, your active, adulting toolbox will include:


A recipe for getting the win-win-win: what you want and need in life, while benefiting others and the world, with coaching for dozens of individual circumstances 


A dream team of peers, mentors, and professionals for each area of your life

A personal inventory of your adorable patterns and behaviors that keep you stuck in less-than-perfect relationships with money, time, social media, and other people.


Better Boundaries is the methodology for adulting well, happily, and with grace. 

how the program works

Our group of twelve starts with a Boot Camp of boundaries basics, small group coaching and accountability, and micro tasks with mega impact. We will quickly identify some areas to create additional space, time, and breathing room and then leverage that mental, emotional, and physical space to effect real, positive change in your individual world, your local community, and the world.

Yes, the world.

I believe that we each have a small yet essential role to play (our dharma) and that when we get about the business of eliminating our distractions, adorable tendencies, and giving our time away to experiences that are not fully win-win-win, we experience the fullness of what life has to offer.

By June, you will have become a master of your own boundaries & well practiced at supporting others in establishing and developing their own.

Fairy Lights

How to join

be one of a dozen

This program is for 12 individuals who meeting the following criteria & commit to this extensive, intensive master course:

- Able & willing to commit to live, weekly group meetings & small group accountability tasks

- Presently "pretty good" - not in active addiction, contemplating a major life change (like divorce), or wrestling a mental health diagnosis without the support of a licensed mental health professional

- Willing to delay starting other new endeavors until this program completes

Apply now >
Spa and Wellness

The world is your oyster

Upon completion of this program, you are invited to teach boundaries with me, if you so desire. You can join the infrastructure of my team, guiding book discussions, basic courses, and 1:1 coaching requests. 

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