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The Holding Space Ship


a container to cultivate a humane approach to leadership & Life

I'm overwhelmed

I'm tired

I'm uninspired

I never have time for myself


I'm very good at what I do


Add to your toolbox

(& then share it)

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Who it is for:
Very bright, very bold folks who feel a bit burned out or bored (and maybe both?!).

What is the curriculum?
Well, it depends upon who joins the ship. I am a collector of books and tools and ideas (you probably are, too?), and I have some thoughts about the overwhelm and the frenzy. Some methodology about the mess. And I plan to facilitate the heck out of a great journey for all of us.

And I’m asking you to trust that our topics will unfold as they need to.

how it works

Folks frequently tell me that meeting weekly is aspirational, so the live content sessions are every other week, and the library is available any time.

Every-other Monday at 7pm MT: 3/04, 3/18, 4/01, 4/15, 4/29.....

The sessions will not be recorded, although I will record a content summary and provide some written record for you to put in your toolbox, use, share, modify, and improve upon!

Important note - your ticket is a monthly membership. Stay on board as long as you like - a month, a season, or as long as you like.


Cancel any time. Come back any time.

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