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The Holding SpaceShip

go boldly 

What it is:
Live, synchronous facilitated conversations with a content piece, a connection technique, and a tool for personal inquiry.

A closed container for three months. Get on board or join the wait list for the next trip.

Who it is for:
Very bright, very bold folks who feel a bit burned out and overwhelmed who are willing to commit and participating with gusto AND willing to say no to other new personal development endeavors for the duration of the flight.

What is the curriculum?
Well, it depends upon who joins the ship. I am a collector of books and tools and ideas, and I have some thoughts about the overwhelm and the frenzy. Some methodology about the mess. And I plan to facilitate the heck out of a great journey for all of us. But I’m asking you to trust that our topics will unfold as they need to.

What are the logistics?
I will be holding a meeting every week, and each week we will alternate between an evening meeting and a morning meeting. Folks frequently tell me that meeting weekly is aspirational, but not always possible. This way you can commit to the six sessions that suit you and maybe pop in for a bonus session if you like. If you’re up for the weekly adventure, you’ll get to see how the dynamic of the people in the ‘room’ affects delivery.

Mondays 7pm MT: 2/05, 2/19, 3/04, 3/18, 4/01, 4/15, 4/29
Tuesdays 7am MT: 2/13, 2/27, 3/12, 3/26, 4/09, 4/23

The sessions will not be recorded, although I will record a content summary and provide some written record for you to put in your toolbox, use, share, modify, and improve upon!


What is the cost?
You can select the program cost, which is what I believe the time and content are worth, or you can pick your price. If you select the program fee (or more) you will receive a bonus 1:1 session with me during the window of the spaceship travel. We can talk. I can plan a thing for you. You can decide how we can spend this particular session. If you choose an amount lower than the program fee, my sincere request is that you attend and participate in the weekly or biweekly sessions and then take the world by STORM!

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