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Kari Kwinn presents


better boundaries

Boundaries are so much more than saying "no"

they are more about finding and saying "YES!"


If you're finding yourself lost in boredom, complacency, resentment, or drama and you'd like to move away from codependency into a world of healthy boundaries, read on.


The central theme in your life... is YOU! Whether you're seeking to improve your relationship with time, money, technology, or other people, the tools in Better Boundaries will improve all of them.

LEARN TO SAY "YES!" (and mean it)

Offer Summary
New Course


Mini Course

(online in under an hour)


The first essential step to Better Boundaries

For those wanting an introduction to learn how to get more of what they really want in life sans drama or guilt

In this course, I'll teach you how dysfunctional compromise is keeping you stuck and help you build the muscles you need to approach and achieve compromise in any circumstance, with anyone.

The Basic


(Live on Zoom/4 sessions)


A deeper dive into the complexities of adulting and boundaries over four modules.

In four small-group online sessions, we explore using Better Boundaries tools in a variety of circumstances. After completing the program, you're invited to join other Better Boundaries alumni in quarterly calls to discuss and apply these tools.

The Book

Read or listen your way to the clarifying, drama-quashing adulting skills you never learned in school.  Along the way, enjoy my bittersweet (and, at times, hilarious) stories and reflections that guide you home to your truest "Hell Yes!" for all of life's big and small adorable moments.

Fall Tokens



Not for the faint of heart but it could be for you
Applications are open now!
The year you stopped saying
"Everything is fine": 2021

Year-long overhaul

Basic course + 8 more tools
Fully applied & integrated

Small group support

1:1 support

A big friggin' commitment


Kari Kwinn, MNM, teaches humans how to talk & work with one another. Her courses will provide you with the tools to improve all of your relationships and strengthen your communication in the corporate environment. With an academic background in cultural and medical anthropology & two decades teaching the eastern philosophical wisdom of Yoga, Kari brings humor and perspective. Her teaching sticks - every class will include authentic laughter and deep learning that will transform the way you relate to time, money, technology, and most importantly, other people. 

Emails are the best method for reaching out to Kari.  You can contact her at

Also, please subscribe to her mailing lists below:

About Kari Kwinn
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